Heated Mats

If you are stuck with blustery winters and stairs covered in snow then you need a quick and effective way to safely melt that snow and clear your walkways. Rock salt can cause quite a bit of harm to your pets as well as your plants and concrete surfaces. Heated mats made by Heatrak are by far the best alternative.

Heatrak makes electric outdoor mats that are literally the best on the market. The company was founded in 2004 and has offered electric outdoor mats as a convenient and effective means of eliminating the snow and ice that accumulates in the winter. The company has mats for residential purposes and for industrial consumer purposes which means you can keep your home and office safe from winter build up and the detrimental effects of rock salt.

There are two residential mats. The first mat is a walkway mat and the second is a stair mat. Obviously they are each intended for what their title suggests. Both mats can be linked together so customers can customize their safe set up for any home walkway. The initial set up is quite easy in spite of the lengthy cords and the connections. The power units attach to the mats and can be chained together with watertight extenders. You can have the mats up and running in less than thirty minutes.

The mats are smooth and come in black. Once you plug them in for a few hours the mats are warm to the touch but never border on dangerously hot. This means you don’t have to watch your children or pets to prevent them from injury.

heated door mat

Heated Door Mats

Whether you are currently battling a light snow or a tough blizzard these mats will melt all of the snow flawlessly. They will literally clean off six inches of snow without leaving a drop behind. In fact they will barely be damp to the touch. Because they work so effectively you don’t have to worry about them playing catch-up after a massive snowfall.

These mats can be purchased via Amazon but they are in fact the most expensive solution to your snow and ice problems. In spite of the high cost it is nonetheless the best solution. You also have to purchase the power units separately after buying your mats.

Overall the Heatrak electric mats for home and office use are the best in quality and durability. They will last for years without breaking down or losing their effectiveness which makes them well worth the initial investment. They alleviate the use of rock salt and the damage that it can cause. The convenience is high and this product is well worth buying for your home and for your office.

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