Ice Melt Spreaders

One of the ways you can remove snow build up from your yard or driveway is with a safe ice melt. These products are meant to melt down the snow that has accumulated so that it turns into water and runs into a gutter or down a driveway. Laying these products on fresh snow can keep the snow from building up and then subsequently melting again and refreezing into ice. They also keep light snow fall from hitting the ground and turning into slosh and dangerous ice. But spreading salt or ice melt can be quite a burden especially if you have a large driveway or long walkway. It takes quite a bit of labor to hold the bag of product and throw it on the affected area. It can also be troublesome to ensure that it only lands on the places you want it to land and does not accidentally damage flowers or cars. 

Ice melt products are an alternative to salt and are meant to be a safer alternative for kids, pets, and plants. Salt can get stuck in the paws of pets and cause burning or be accidentally consumed by small children. Some of the ice melt products contain chemicals such as calcium chloride, so that it does not burn through your plants. When using these products, you can avoid burning your hands or eyes with too much exposure by using ice melt spreaders to ensure you spread the product evenly. Ice melt spreaders will keep the excess material off areas it should not land and will help you cover your driveway and walkway much faster without causing too much physical strain. 

Ice melt spreaders can help homes or businesses with long driveways. They work the same as fertilizer spreaders in that they offer good control and cover a wide area. They are physical units that have wheels and a large bucket into which you pour the ice melt. From there you can push the machine around the property and it will evenly spray the ice melt. Many ice melt spreaders have a capacity between 100 and 200 pounds of bagged salt or ice melt. You can adjust the spread so that it spreads a path anywhere between a couple of feet and twenty or thirty feet. Some of the units have metal hopper screens on stop of the bucket. This prevents the material from jamming. Some units also have a plastic rain cover on top of the bucket into which the ice melt is poured to protect it from spilling or being exposed to moisture. 

There are some ice melt spreaders that have the ability to adjust the spread pattern. This is an ideal solution for sidewalks roan y areas that are near sensitive foliage or bushes. It prevents the ice melt from reaches anywhere other than the area you want to clear. There are also ergonomic handles available to reduce the strain on your back while you push the machine around. 

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