Rock Salt Alternatives

Rock Salt AlternativesWhen snow and ice hit, you might be tempted to put down rock salt, sometimes called road salt, or ice melt as a way to clear your driveway and walkways. While it is important to clear the way so you can walk around safely, it’s also important to consider the surfaces underneath the snow and any pets or animals in the area. Rock salt and some ice melt products contain chemicals that can be harmful when used in the wrong situation.

Using sand is the best method to add traction to a frozen walkway without risking harm to the environment. However, sand alone will not melt the ice or break the bond between the ice and the walking surface. A dusting of sand is better than nothing and safe for the environment, but using safe ice melts will give you far better results.

To find the best ice melt product for your application, use the information on this site to learn about the effects that rock salt can have on your surroundings. Making the choice of an ice melt product all depends on what is underneath the ice and if you will have any pets or other animals in the area. On asphalt surfaces, which are not affected by rock salt, it’s okay to use a cheaper product because you don’t need to worry about it damaging the asphalt. When you’re treating a nice set of brick stairs or a new concrete walkway, look for an ice melt safe for concrete that will be less damaging to the surface while still melting the ice. For areas where pets are likely to be walking around, look for a pet friendly and environmentally safe ice melt. Purchasing a safer ice melt may be more expensive than rock salt but offers the peace of mind of being safe for plants, pets, and concrete surfaces. For what a brick set of stairs or a paver patio costs these days, taking the necessary precautions can really pay off in the long run. I hope the information you learn from this site and the guide below will help you find rock salt alternatives that will protect your pets and surroundings through the long, cold winter months.

Top Ice Melts Guide

Ice MeltSizeMelt TempPet SafePlant SafeConcrete SafeRating
1.8 lbs
35 lbs
-2° FYesYesYes4.0
12 lbs
5° FNoYesYes3.9
6.5 lbs
-13° FYesYesNo3.7
8 lbs
10° FYesYesNo3.2
20 lbs
-10° FYesYesNo3.0

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